Process Templates

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Onboarding Checklist

Stay on top of your onboarding experience

  • Google Sheets or Excel Compatible
  • Looks after hardware, software and logistical requirements
  • Includes welcome email and F.A.Q. for new Hire Template
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Team Management

Have your teams information readily available

  • Tracks Active / Terminated Employees
  • 30 day forecast for EE in office for easy supply ordering
  • Easy to add on budgeting / ee logic
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Time Off Tracking

Stay on top of time off requests

  • Spreadsheet based
  • Can be integrated with Team Management doc
  • Can track vacation, sick and bereavement days
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Employee Grants / Benefits Tracking

Manage internal programs offered to employees

  • Tracks annual usage of grants & room remaining
  • Can be integrated with Team Management doc
  • Easy to add new programs!
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Startup Foundation Pack!

All 4 Templates at a discounted rate!

  • Includes all 4 templates for you!
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Custom Process / Review

Let us take a look and improve your existing processes.

$40/ Hour
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