I Help Startups Like You Scale

I've spent the last 5 years helping hyper growth companies scale.

Patrick Dufresne


I've worked with companies growing from 8-90 employees in under 2 years and 30-100+ in under 6 months. I've experienced this rapid growth and needed to create tools and processes to handle this without being the bottleneck for growth; now I'm looking to help other startups scale.

What We Do

Automate your day to day business processes with easy to use templates

Allow you to focus on the important things like product development and not on cash flow or figuring out how to track vacation days

Save you time and money otherwise spent on tools you don't really need

Why Use Our Process Templates?

Tested With High Volume

We've used these tools to handle hyper growth in organizations of 90 and 100+ employees, they work well in both early stage and more mature companies meaning no need to upgrade the system over time!

Refined Over 5 Years

These processes have been worked on for the past 5 years being improved over and over again! You're not just getting the code but all the time spent optimizing it over the years!

No Monthly Fee!

Because these processes are built in google sheets, you're able to run these efficient processes with no monthly fee!

How it works


Step one

Open the file and you'll find a README with steps on how to use the application


Step two

Explore the app with demo data in it so you know what the end results look like.


Step three

Use the app and get one step closer to productivity!

Get Started

Process Templates

All templates are one time purchase with no monthly fee!

Onboarding Checklist

Stay on top of your onboarding experience

  • Google Sheets or Excel Compatible
  • Looks after hardware, software and logistical requirements
  • Includes welcome email and F.A.Q. for new Hire Template
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Team Management

Have your teams information readily available

  • Tracks Active / Terminated Employees
  • 30 day forecast for EE in office for easy supply ordering
  • Easy to add on budgeting / ee logic
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Time Off Tracking

Stay on top of time off requests

  • Spreadsheet based
  • Can be integrated with Team Management doc
  • Can track vacation, sick and bereavement days
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Employee Grants / Benefits Tracking

Manage internal programs offered to employees

  • Tracks annual usage of grants & room remaining
  • Can be integrated with Team Management doc
  • Easy to add new programs!
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Startup Foundation Pack!

All 4 Templates at a discounted rate!

  • Includes all 4 templates for you!
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Custom Process / Review

Let us take a look and improve your existing processes.

$40/ Hour
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